As a Wellness Practitioner and Bioregulatory Medical Practitioner, Roxanne’s focus is bringing the patient back into a state of Wellness in all areas of life.

The EIS Tech PEMS SCAN is a Class III medical devise that uses biofeedback technology and electromagnetic interstitial scanning capabilities alongside of a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen levels, pulse, blood pressure and more. It is able to monitor and observe the intricacies of the body, organs, tissues and systems. 

The EIS Tech PEMS Scan monitors heart rate, tissue oxygen uptake, arterial stiffness, hemodynamic (blood) indicators and Autonomic Nervous System activity levels. This allows the practitioner to observe levels of functioning and generate a report showing under or over activity in various areas.

This test runs through over $3000 worth of OHIP testing at once, saving the government system and the patient time and money and streamlining patient protocol and care.

The Electro Interstitial Scan-GS (EIS-GS) component is a similar device to a EEG or ECG. It utilized non-invasive bio-impedence sensors that send a slight electrical impulse through the interstitial fluid of the body in order to measure the ease or difficulty that the current travels. This appears as a 3D report of coloured body models of the various body systems to determine your state of health and wellness.

The SCAN gives a full 3D Body Model of All Major Organs and Bodily Systems to optimize clarity and understanding of the location, and levels of inflammation and stress issues in the body.

How does an ES Teck PEMS Scan help me?

  • Indicates coronary heart disease markers

  • Evaluation of hormone levels

  • Advanced insulin resistance levels

  • High cholesterol indicators

  • Menopausal indicators

  • Anti-aging effects on tissues and organs

  • Customized dietary advice

The Scan is able to screen for coronary (heart) issues, diabetes, thyroid issues, ADHD, menopause screening and more.

It also identifies structural and neurological issues, making it a perfect adjunct to full body treatment to restore patient health and wellness.

Bioregulatory medicine is an integrative medicine approach implementing a multifaceted approach to bring the body back into a state of wellness and balance, it goes beyond treating the symptoms to finding and treating the cause for complete remediation/cure = absence of symptoms and return of health. Treatment strategies can include diet and nutrition, supplementation, homeopathic medicines, recreation, exercise, and/ or hands on body treatments.

Engage Wellness uses Live Blood Analysis to identify nutritional imbalances, system stress, organ stress, free radical activity etc...

Patients find the blood analysis is a great way to actually see what is going on in their body. Patients who have a blood analysis done are usually more compliant with treatment and recommendations as they have seen problem areas themselves.

Regimen is utilized in all cases, which includes nutritional counselling, dietary recommendations (based on findings), sleep, recreation, exercise, and relaxation.

Engage Wellness utilizes a complete approach in treatment, addressing body, mind and spirit/soul. Health and balance occurs on all of these levels. Health is not just the physical body. Many physical symptoms/conditions are reflective of emotional or even spiritual pain.

Roxanne is a dedicated Christian, who tries to live out her faith in her daily walk. 

The first appointment will take 1-1.5 hours.

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