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**All appointments include nutritional counselling as it is essential to consistent and successful client outcomes. 

**All appointments are subject to HST. 

**HST is not included in the pricing below. 

Initial New Client Appointments (1.25 hours) 
Bioregulatory Medicine: $160.00 
Live Blood Analysis: $180.00 
EIS Tech SCAN $180.00 
Combination Initial - Including both Bioregulatory Medicine and Blood Analysis: $250.00 (1.45 hours) 

Combination Initial- Including EIS Tech Scan and Blood Analysis: $299.00 (2 hours)

Follow-up Appointments (30-45 minutes) 


Follow-up Combination Appointments (45-60 minutes) 
Blood Analysis and Bioregulatory: $140.00

Bioregulatory Medicine Follow-up Family Rate (1.5 hours)

The family rate includes any combination of the following: husband, wife, up to 2 children under the age of 18 living at home, for a total of 4 persons. To add an additional child, add $40 per child per visit. 

Acute Consultations whether by phone, e-mail, or in person (10-15 minutes) 

Blood Typing

$15.00 per person

Family Discount 
The second/ third immediate family member i.e husband/ wife, child under 18 still living at home, receives a 20% discount for their initial visit and follow up visits (excluding Combination Appointments) when appointments are held at the same time and adhere to appointment scheduling. i.e. 1.5 hours for two persons, 2 hours for three persons. 

The first person is billed at regular price.

The Bioregulatory Family rate does not apply to additional discounts. 

**Appointments that necessitate more time will be charged $30 per 15 minutes of additional time. 

**Homeopathic remedies/ refills are not included in the fee for live blood analysis or EIS Scan appointments, if required will be billed starting at $8.00 per formula. 

**Essential Oil Blends are not included in the fees and will be billed at a rate starting at $12.00 per formula. 

Payment is by cash, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, or e-transfer.

A credit card will be kept on file for ALL clients to hold their initial appointment. Credit cards will only be billed if the client fails to attend their scheduled appointment without 48 hours’ notice. Credit cards will be kept on file for missed follow up appointment billing purposes without 24 hours’ notice or for payment of the reordering of supplements for the clients’ protocol. 

Long Distance Clients are required to supply a credit card number that will be kept on file for immediate billing before any remedies or supplements are sent out. Distance Clients, may choose to pay via e-transfer, once approved.