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What is the EIS Tech PEMS Scan?

The EIS Tech PEMS Scan is a biofeedback devise that uses the natural electrical signalling within the body to obtain measurements from the organs, tissues and structures of the body, the same technology as an ECG or EKG, blood pressure cuff etc… Using added features such as the pulse oximeter and electrodes, it can also measure oxygenation, mineral and pH balance, nutrient deficiencies and much more. Used in more than 36 countries is the world as a Class III medical devise, including Canada and the U.S.A., meaning that it is a diagnostic tool, the EIS technology can give the Practitioner an inside and in-depth view as to the functioning of all of the main organs and systems in the body as well as nerve functioning and spinal issues. Health Canada has authorized the EIS Tech PEMS Scan to identify cardiovascular issues, thyroid concerns, diabetic issues, ADD/ ADHD, prostate problems, hepatitis, and hormone levels.

The Scan is non-invasive and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Persons with pacemakers and women who are pregnant are cautioned against obtaining a scan due to the low risk of disrupting the electrical signalling of the pacemaker or interfering with the nervous system development of the baby due to the extremely low electrical impulse that the system uses to obtain its measurements. In persons with a pacemaker the risk is less than that of getting struck by lightning, so clients must outweigh potential risks. In pregnant women, the risk is considered minute, however not predictable due to the unknowns as to timing and development of the neurological system of the baby in utero.