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Just want to send our thanks, The daughter we have always known is back! Feeling so much better, went for a jog last night and off to track meet today! You rock!



Thank you for listening to the Lord and praying over our daughter, and taking authority over the spirit of infirmity, which debilitated her. She is completely healed!

She and we are amazed at the changes that have taken place since. No pain, mobility, her attitude and outlook on life, what she feels she can do and wants to do, have all changed enormously.

Thank you for being a willing servant of the King of Kings!

D.G, M.G, A.G, and the rest of the family.


I had never considered homeopathetic care before but when my family doctor was out for surgical leave I knew I had to go somewhere besides the emergency room. I had a rash and other health issues.

My Chiropractor recommended Dr Harris to me. What an enlightening experience that has been. My rash is gone and my IBS and menopause symptoms are gone or under control. I have lost 35 lbs that I wanted to and feel amazing.

Thank you Dr. Roxanne for all you have done for me. My family and I cannot say enough about you. My life is not lived by my IBS anymore.

God Bless you.


Before I came to you for help, I had lived with my pain and suffering for over 7 years. I was on three different types of medication to eat, sleep, etc., and I had been seeking help from all types of Doctors to find out what was wrong with me, to no avail.

My life has drastically changed since you helped me in so many ways. I am no longer using any medications, my stomach is no longer hurting anymore; I can actually eat without getting sick. My physical and personal life is so much better. I have recommended your care to people and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. You truly are amazing!!



I for one have benefited from Homeopathy with Dr. Roxanne Harris, I went for a whole year and I have been healed of yeast infections with her help and the Lord's help and I am very grateful. I recommend homeopathy because it does not just put a band aid on an illness but finds the underlying source and deals with it from bottom up. I am eating much more healthier now thanks to the food chart, and I highly recommend this approach to healing in all areas of our lives. Emotionally, physically and mentally and for me spiritually as well since I believe that the Lord is involved as well.



.. Thank you for helping to get myself back on track Roxanne.



Back in 1977 while I was in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves .... I had a massive stomach attack whereby the doctors thought I was having an appendix attack. I was then hospitalized for 3 days and only fed apple juice! At which time I lost 10lbs. They never found out what exactly was wrong with me.

Over the years I had many attacks and would have to be carried into the hospital because I couldn't walk. I was in too much pain.

While living in Toronto in the late '80s, I decided to go and see a specialist. After having a minor operation and I woke up, the doctor told me that there was nothing wrong with me, but to eat more fruits and vegetables, ... my reply was you have to be kidding me, I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and my husband was there to vouch for me.

In around 2000 while operating my Travel Agency, one of my clients who became a friend mentioned to me that a long time friend of his used to be a Pharmacist and had went back to school to become a Homeopathic Doctor. While he was a Pharmacist, he realized that prescription drugs just put a Band-Aid on the problem, and that Homeopathy remedies actually got to the root of the problem.

I went to see him for approximately 7 visits and have not had an attack since then.

The diagnosis, which was told to me back in the late 80's was that I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I suffered with this for more than 20 years of my life.

Now just in the past 1-1/2 years my husband has not been well and has gotten worse. Major stomach cramping and bloating, and most days throwing up. After seeing our family doctor for various tests and even gone to have 2 colonoscopies, they have no idea what is wrong with him. He finally agreed to start taking homeopathic remedies, and it has started to work on him. YEAH!!

I truly believe that homeopathic remedies are the best way to a healthy life style.

Lynda Dickson


My allergies have disappeared!


Hi, Roxanne -- just wanted to send a quick note because I am feeling so well, and am so grateful to God for that!! I finally (almost!) feel like a normal, healthy person.


I’ve suffered with a number of chronic health problems since I was eight years old. When the conventional medical system failed to provide effective treatment or relief, I turned to a variety of alternative health practices including acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy.

Dr. Roxanne helped me more in the first six weeks of treatment than any of the other health professionals I’d consulted. It’s the way that Dr. Roxanne integrates the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of health that has made such a profound difference for me. I also take great comfort in knowing that the remedies I’m taking are working with my body and not causing unwanted, negative side effects.

-- Lara


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