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Roxanne Harris, The Audacious Wellness Warrior, is a keynote speaker, presenter, and educator on health, holistic wellness, faith and on having the Audacity to Live WELL for over 18 years.

Speaking and educational webinars:
Healing Prayer

inspiring, empowering and training YOU to have the Audacity to Live ~ Well!

​​Engage Wellness Centre utilizes a holistic individualized approach in all treatment strategies, partnering with the client to restore health and wellness in one's body, soul and spirit.

We inspire and empower clients to be audacious, live well and create their own beautiful life, regardless of their diagnosis- so they can live Audaciously Alive!

Personal or Group Coaching

Serving clients globally through personalized lifestyle and wellness coaching.

Are you ready to start living your best life?

  • Are you tired of living in isolation because of symptoms that prevent you from having fun?
  • Are you lonely because people don't understand what you are going through? 
  • Are you dealing with chronic disease, chronic fatigue or pain?
  • Are you frustrated with missing out on life due to pain and fatigue?
  • Do you want support and a community of women just like you who want to feel better, live better and enjoy life regardless of the diagnosis?
  • Do you want a simple, easy to follow, customized wellness plan that needs your needs?
  • Do you love being able to see your progress with a trackable app?
  • Do you want fresh, easy, yummy recipes that help you feel better faster?

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