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Roxanne Harris is a wife and mother of four who has been entrenched in health care of many forms since 1990. Once having a solid foundation in allopathic medicine, Roxanne studied at the University of Alberta in the Bachelor of Nursing program, Roxanne began to expand her wisdom and obtained training and degrees in Kinesiology, Nutrition, Live Blood Analysis, Capillary Puncture, Lymphatic Massage, Glutenology and Healing Prayer. 

Roxanne began struggling with her own health issues at the age of 16, with a major back injury. Unable to find any relief or real help from the regular medical system Roxanne started seeking assistance elsewhere which began opening the doors to alternative health and other available options not discussed in the mainstream medical clinics. After the birth of her fourth child, what was deemed to be recurring pain from the old back injury was finally “diagnosed” as Ankylosing Spondylitis when she was unable to function normally in regular daily activities like showering, walking, lying down, and climbing stairs. After years of attempts from the medical system to “control” the pain and excessive inflammation and a prognosis of a wheelchair by 2005, Roxanne stumbled upon Homeopathy and Heilkunst, and the rest is history… June 2nd 2007, Roxanne received a miracle from God and the devastating and crippling disease process stopped immediately and the pain disappeared. Drug and pain free, Roxanne has been healed physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually, making for the complete and full remediation that is strived for in in order to make us truly whole. Roxanne firmly believes in, and is proof that we can be healed from the “incurable”, and live happy, healthy, richly blessed lives. 

Always striving to provide clients with the most up-to-date treatments and strategies to help clients obtain their health and wellness goals, Roxanne pursued a postgraduate doctoral degree program in Bioregulatory Medicine, obtaining honours. Bioregulatory Medicine is a comprehensive integrative medicine discipline that beautifully blends a wide range of alternative as well as traditional assessment tools and treatment strategies to bring about a comprehensive, safe, and successful remediation to even the most stubborn clinical cases. 

Roxanne has a specially affinity for digestive disorders of all types, pain/ mobility disorders, and chronic fatigue. Roxanne has a special place for children in her heart and practise. Roxanne’s own son was cured of severe asthma through Heilkunst treatment and the hand of God, and she has seen firsthand how even small children benefit from the sequential timeline treatment, giving them a brighter, healthier, more joyful life free of the suffering and sentencing of many health conditions that are so commonplace today. 

Roxanne is a Christian, and firmly believes in God’s healing power and grace. It is a rare opportunity to be able to obtain medical care physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all in one place, and it is within all four of these facets that healing occurs, on all levels to bring about a true state of health. 

Whether you struggle with arthritis, anemia, Crohn’s, constipation, depression, anxiety, fears, ADD, ADHD, autism, fibromyalgia, fibroids, PMS, infertility, eating disorders, weight issues, heart disease, cancer, sleeplessness, GERD, thyroid issues, hormone imbalances, self-esteem issues, allergies, substance abuse, environmental sensitivities, IBS, asthma, back pain, skin conditions, or diabetes, or whether you would just like to become more balanced, and increase your state of health, Roxanne welcomes you to ENGAGE WELLNESS, and invites you to embark on a journey towards health that will transform your life.

Roxanne Harris, DMH, DHHP, DynNC, DynBC, DipBM, MCSBM, MISBM
Board Certified BioRegulatory Medical Practitioner, Wellness Practitioner, Glutenologist, Live Blood Microscopist/ Instructor, Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, and Prayer Warrior.