Roxanne Harris is a Board Certified Bioregulatory Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, Blood Microscopist, Homeopath, and Glutenologist. Roxanne is currently studying to get her Doctorate and PhD in Natural Medicine.

Roxanne studied at the University of Alberta in the nursing program, which gave her a foundation in allopathic medicine before she began her natural healthcare studies. 

Roxanne sustained a major back injury at the age of 16. After the birth of her fourth child, what was deemed to be recurring pain from the old back injury was finally “diagnosed” as Ankylosing Spondylitis when she was unable to function normally in regular daily activities like showering, walking, lying down, or climbing the stairs. After years of attempts from the medical system to “control” the pain using dangerous medications, Roxanne was given a prognosis of being confined to a wheelchair by 2005. Choosing life over diagnosis, Roxanne told the rheumatologist that there was no way in hell that she would ever get in a wheelchair, beginning Roxanne’s tenacious and audacious pursuit to live well, no matter what. 

In 2007, Roxanne received a miracle from God. The crippling pain stopped immediately. After years of grit and determination, Roxanne has been healed physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually, making for the complete and full remediation that is strived for in order to make us truly whole. 

Roxanne firmly believes in, and is proof, that we can be healed from the “incurable”, and live happy, healthy, richly blessed lives, when we give the body, mind and spirit what it needs to heal. Roxanne understands the power of a wellness lifestyle. Health is not a moment in time, but a lifestyle worth pursuing. 

Always striving to provide clients with the most up-to-date treatments, and strategies to help clients obtain their health and wellness goals, Roxanne pursued a postgraduate doctoral degree program in Bioregulatory Medicine, obtaining honours. Bioregulatory Medicine is a comprehensive integrative medicine discipline that beautifully blends a wide range of alternative and traditional assessment tools and treatment strategies to bring about a comprehensive, safe, and successful remediation to even the most stubborn clinical cases. 

Roxanne has an affinity for complex digestive disorders, pain/ mobility disorders, chronic fatigue and autoimmune diseases. 

When the medical community says no, this is where Roxanne shines.  Roxanne has a passionate interest in supporting godly women with chronic disease who have decided that they won't take no for an answer, choosing to live above the diagnosis, to live life well, audaciously alive. 

Roxanne is a Christian, who firmly believes in God’s healing power and grace. Roxanne  is an avid prayer warrior, who studied healing and has ministered to hundreds of people seeing radical miracles and healings. It is a rare opportunity to be able to obtain medical care physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually all in one place, and it is within all four of these facets that healing occurs, on all levels, to bring about a true state of health. 

Roxanne is a keynote speaker, speaking internationally at conferences, conventions and events on health, wellness, and faith.

Roxanne is married to her Mr. Wonderful, Scott and they have four grown children. When not working, Roxanne can be found dancing in the kitchen, creating healthy gastronomic delights.

Roxanne invites you to be inspired to be audacious, engage your wellness and create your own beautiful life.

Audaciously Alive,


Roxanne Harris

Board Certified Bioregulatory Medical Practitioner, Wellness Practitioner, Live Blood Microscopist/ Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist, Lifestyle Coach, Wellness Advocate and Prayer Warrior.


inspiring, empowering and training individuals to have the Audacity to Live ~ Well!